Lost your keys somewhere? Locked out of your place? Or perhaps looking to upgrade to a more secure door lock? No worries, 24KEYMAN LOCKSMITH has got you covered!

Unlocking prices should be reasonable, but more importantly, find a truly helpful LOCKSMITH company!

What is LOCKSMITH service?

What is LOCKSMITH service?

LOCKSMITH service refers to a convenient service that provides professional unlocking solutions when encountering key loss, forgetting keys, or other situations where the door lock cannot be opened normally. As an unlocking company, we are committed to providing non-destructive methods to open door locks and gate locks for our customers, ensuring that lock replacement is not required after unlocking.

Whether you've forgotten your keys, lost them, or locked yourself out of your gate or door, our skilled locksmiths can handle various unlocking challenges. We use efficient and secure techniques and tools to quickly open door locks, allowing you to regain the sense of security in accessing your space.

No matter which area of Hong Kong you are in or when you need unlocking service, our locksmiths are always ready to provide fast and reliable solutions. Choose our unlocking service to make your door-opening experience smoother, more convenient, and to ensure your safety and convenience.

24KEYMAN 24-Hour Locksmith Services

Locked out of your car? Keys left in the trunk? Lost your car keys? Broken car key?

Lost your keys? Faulty door lock? Broken iron gate?

Unlock Hotline

Electronic lock without power? Malfunctioning electronic lock? No spare key? Can't figure out how to lock the door?

Terrace door broken? Can't open the terrace door?

Terrace Door Lock Hotline

Safe box without power? Can't find the safe box key? Can't open the safe box?

Want to change lock cylinder? Need new keys made? Is there a problem with the lock?

Lock Cylinder Replacement Hotline

What is a Professional Locksmith Company?

A professional locksmith company refers to a company that possesses extensive experience and specialized knowledge in providing high-quality locksmith services. As a professional locksmith company, we adhere to the following principles:

1. Non-Destructive Lock Opening: We are committed to using non-destructive techniques and methods to open door locks. This means that during the unlocking process, no damage will be caused to the door lock, ensuring the integrity of your lock.

2. No Success, No Fee: We firmly believe that you should only pay for our services after a successful unlocking. If we are unable to successfully open the lock, you will not be charged any fees.

3. Familiarity with Various Lock Types: Our locksmith team is well-versed in various types and brands of door locks. Whether it's traditional mechanical locks or modern electronic locks, we have extensive experience to handle various unlocking challenges.

4. Multiple Lock Opening Techniques: We possess various lock opening methods and techniques, allowing us to flexibly address different lock situations. Whether it's a lost key, a lock malfunction, or other issues, we can choose the most suitable method to resolve the problem.

5. Professional Tools: We are equipped with professional tools and equipment to ensure efficient and safe locksmith services. These tools help us complete unlocking tasks in the shortest possible time.

By choosing a professional locksmith company, you can rely on our expertise and reliable services to quickly solve your lockout situation, ensuring safety and efficiency throughout the process.

What Information is Needed for Locksmith Services?
Generally, the following information is required for locksmith services. To better understand your situation, you can share relevant photos with the locksmith through Whatsapp. These photos may include the appearance of the lock, any damages, or other relevant details. This will allow the locksmith to have a clearer understanding of the problem and provide more accurate advice and solutions.


Lock Type: Different types of locks may require different unlocking techniques and tools.


Door/Gate or Others: Clearly indicate whether the service is needed for a door, gate, or other types of locked devices.


Reason for Locksmith Service: Specify the nature of the problem, whether it's due to lock damage preventing it from opening or the need for unlocking service due to lost or forgotten keys.


Location/Area: Provide the specific location of the lockout, such as the name of the housing estate, etc.


Authorization for Locksmith Service: This is an important factor to ensure the legality of the locksmith service and protect the customer's safety.

What Are the Locksmith's Unlocking Methods?

As professional locksmiths, we are proficient in various unlocking methods. Here are some common techniques we use:

1. Lock Picking with Special Tools: We use specialized lock picking tools to simulate the shape and function of a key, allowing us to open the keyhole inside the lock core. With proper skills and tool manipulation, we can accurately open the door lock.

2. Entering the Door/Gate with Tools to Simulate Indoor Unlocking: In some situations, we may need to simulate indoor unlocking as if entering the door or gate from the inside. We apply professional tools and techniques to simulate indoor unlocking by twisting the doorknob, ensuring that we can safely and effectively open the door lock.

3. Using Locksmith Tools to Crack the Lock Mechanism: For more complex locks, we may need to use locksmith tools to crack the lock's mechanism. This method requires extensive experience and professional knowledge. Based on the characteristics and design of the lock, we select appropriate tools and techniques to ensure successful opening of the door lock.

Different types of locks may require different unlocking methods. Our professional locksmith team has extensive experience and can handle various lock challenges. If you wish to provide more details about your situation, you can share relevant photos through Whatsapp, which will allow us to better assess and provide suitable solutions.


Unlocking Service Q&A

We offer 24-hour unlocking services, including unlocking front door locks, iron gate locks, room door locks, electronic locks, car door locks, and safe locks. We can handle various brands of electronic locks such as SAMSUNG, YALE, CISA, BONCO, BALDWIN, LUCKY, ZONE, CADMAN, MUL T LOCK, MARIANI, CES, MARKS, TITAN, JADO, SCHLAGE, ADEL, FRASCIO, ISEO, BIRD, DIAMOND, COWDROY, EZSET, TITAN, GOAL, MIWA, CAMBRIDGE, ALPHA, AZBE, SUPER-T-LOCK, DANDY, KABA, KWIKSET, POSSE, SHOWA, DOM, JETKO, BKS, and UNION.


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